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Miss Becca, November Team Member of the Month

Miss Becca is our cartwheeling, glitterfying and hug-loving Artistic & Curriculum Director. She is also a golden representation of the caliber we aim for in our teaching team — warm, attentive and truly inventive in both originating and performing engaging class activities (as a vegetarian, she loves her veggies so much that our Art+Music students paint with them).

We are delighted to celebrate November by recognizing Becca as our Team Member of the Month. We are so thankful for her everyday cheer that we sat her down for a Q&A!

What was one of your favorite pastimes as a child?

I grew up on a farm in Kentucky! The great outdoors was my first stage and my first classroom. I would put on dress-up gowns, heels and sing my own original songs in the woods!

When playing make believe, what occupation would you pretend to be?

I wanted to be a veterinarian — I love animals and grew up taking care of them. I would even sheer our family sheep. My favorite sheep was the one I named “Silly Appetite.”

What do you enjoy about teaching at Bubbles Academy?

The kids, of course, and the daily interactions with families, the bonds you create with them and the magical opportunity to meet new families each session.

I also absolutely adore witnessing toddlers dance! Each child has his or her own particular style, but I have broken down toddler dancing into five basic moves (ask me to demonstrate for you)!

What is your favorite class activity?

I am an advocate for “getting messy” (Bubbles is the perfect place to do so). Painting with spaghetti is a very silly sensory experience. Seeing the little guys’ faces as they splat and swirl the noodles on their paper canvases is a joy!

What do you take pleasure in outside of Bubbles Academy?

My sister lives in Lexington, Kentucky, but I love to Skype chat with her often.

I enjoy riding my bike around the city (Carmen Banana Bike, that is), taking dance classes, cooking with my boyfriend and exploring stores for truly sensational socks to wear at Bubbles!

What is something you are truly passionate about?

Education and children! As a teacher, I feel blessed to be a part of a child’s growth over a session. It’s my everyday goal to truly embrace and nurture their developing personalities and intelligences. I strive to challenge them and instill in them personal confidence, pride and curiosity about the world!

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Natalie Monterastelli

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