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Heather Frankel

Lead Caregiver/Child Teacher

[email protected]

Heather has been working with children and artists of all ages for over 20 years.  She is dedicated to helping young artists explore their world through art and play.  She has taught children’s art at the Takiff Center, WeOrbit, Marwen, The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Art Reach at LillStreet and more.  She loves nothing more than to see young artists fully immersed in the process of creating.

Heather has a BS in Apparel and Textile Design from Michigan State University, an Associate Degree in Fashion Design with a concentration on Childrenswear and Fine arts from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and a Master’s degree in Applied Professional Studies from DePaul University.  She has worked as a costume designer, stylist, bedding designer, illustrator and art teacher.  There is not a time in her life where she isn’t creating and sharing her love of art with others.

When she is not working you can findHeather making floral arrangements, painting, practicing yoga or having tea parties with her three children.