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Anayeli Tellez

Highland Park Assistant Manager

[email protected]

Anayeli lives in Highwood, Illinois, just down the road from Bubbles Academy Highland Park. She previously worked with We-Orbit and joined the Bubbles team in January 2023. Whether it’s planning birthday bashes or juggling the different roles as Assistant Manager, Anayeli loves getting creative with her work and the Bubbles kiddos!

Working as an event coordinator and front desk assistant, Anayeli has enjoyed getting to know Bubbles families personally. She loves welcoming families as soon as they enter the building with enthusiasm and affection towards each child and caregiver.
Anayeli looks forward to growing in her role at Bubbles Academy, building her knowledge of business and early childhood education, and helping to ignite wonder for our Highland Park families!
Anayeli loves to go on walks and enjoys biking. She is fluent in Spanish and LOVES thunderstorms!