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Anna Rogers

Assistant Preschool Teacher

[email protected]


Anna’s two great loves in life are art and education, so she is absolutely ecstatic to be teaching here at Bubbles. Originally from Louisville, KY, Anna has been teaching preschool for three years and teaching drama for four. As someone who practically grew up in a theater, she has always felt the most at home among the arts. Whether acting, dancing, directing, or creating costumes, putting on a show is one of her favorite things to do! Teaching has always been second nature to Anna, and she loves helping little ones discover new things about the world around them and themselves. Anna couldn’t be more thrilled to share her love of the arts, learn, and play with the best age group in the world, preschool!


Anna is currently in school for Technical Theater at Columbia College Chicago and is planning on pursuing an additional degree in teaching after graduation. When she’s not playing at Bubbles or finishing her degree, you can find her on stage, dying her hair some new crazy color, or cuddling with her three cats and a good book.