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Miss Tamara, March Team Member of the Month

When we think of a true Renaissance woman, unstoppable idea generator and life enthusiast, we think of none other than our New Business Director, Tamara Nolte.

Tamara has been a team member of Bubbles Academy since the doors opened one decade ago. She is the crafter of so many of our one-of-kind beloved classes, and today she continues to train teachers, observe classes and provide the support and forward thinking for us to remain one-of-kind and a true leader in child enrichment programming.

Tamara was our March Team Member of the Month! Here’s what Tamara had to say at her congratulatory Q&A …

What were some of your favorite pastimes as a child?

Softball, swimming and theatre! I developed a knack for the “Tom Boy” rolls, paperboy hat and all. I played a member of Fagin’s gang in “Oliver!”

When playing make-believe, what occupation would you pretend to be?

At a very early age, before I understood the concept of a career, I wanted to be a Snow Man or an Indian. Come preschool age, I’m told I was very certain I wanted to be a teacher.

My mom is the director of a Montessori school and I cherish my memories of growing up in that environment. My grandfather wrote original songs for the school, many of which I brought with me to Bubbles Academy.

What do you enjoy most about working at Bubbles Academy?

Bubbles Academy provides its team with limitless possibilities! I’ve been able to create programs, party celebrations, new multi-media and more from my own ideas and with the tremendous collaboration of others. It doesn’t hurt that our workspace is so vibrantly colored, and that my co-workers are amazingly positive people!

What are some of your favorites of Bubbles Academy’s offerings and activities?

I’m very proud of how our Creative Movement program has grown, and I love that our Taste Buddies class is such a special hands-on time for parent and child.

In the classroom, I have a fondness for the “Show Me How You Clap” song. When teaching, the challenge of learning and announcing all the students’ names in the “Bubble Bye” song is one I always enjoy.

What do you take pleasure in outside of Bubbles Academy?

I recently began an exciting business initiative called The Founding Kit, a start-up for start-ups (“We’ve gathered our most favorite service providers in the whole wide world to help you get up and running in no time”). Check us out!

I am an active social media user and blog writer. Visit my blog, Tam’s Jams for Fams for music suggestions!

When looking for a good laugh, you can find me performing at Comedy Sportz.

What is something you are very passionate about?

I’m very keen on watching how technology continues to evolve and to best understand it’s most meaningful and helpful intentions.

My grandfather wrote his doctorate thesis on technology in the classroom in 1980. In 2013, my fellow team members and I continually strive to fuse our curriculum with various media in the most thoughtful and inventive ways!

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Natalie Monterastelli

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