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Lauren Smoke Music Scholarship

For over 8 years, Miss Lauren was a beloved teacher at Bubbles Academy. She lifted spirits of children and families through her lovely voice and kind heart. Sadly, Lauren lost her battle with stage IV breast cancer this past April.

We think of her daily at Bubbles Academy and have been working to figure out the best way to honor her memory in an ongoing way that her family & friends may take part in as well. Since music was such an important part of Lauren’s life and was the way that she connected with so many families, we have decided to introduce an annual, early childhood music scholarship in her name.

The Lauren Smoke Music Scholarship will award a child between 0 – 12 months old one year of music & movement classes at Bubbles Academy. Since connection for families and supporting children’s development is the primary goal of all our classes, we hope this may provide a bright spot each week for a family; a time where they may focus on each other and experience the joy of music and presence.

Lauren was a remarkable mother, teacher and advocate for stage IV breast cancer awareness. We admired her hope, positive outlook and strength. If you would like to nominate yourself or another family to receive the Lauren Smoke Music Scholarship, please submit your response to this questionnaire by November 1st, 2017.

Thank you!

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Natalie Monterastelli

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