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Fourth of July Art Project: Firework Painting

Holidays with young kiddos can be so much fun, but a bit of a different ball game. If loud noises and late nights aren’t in the cards this year, opt for some fun sparkly firework art instead!

You’ll need:

Cardboard tubes (Bath tissue or paper towel work great!)
Paint (Go traditional with red white and blue or swap them with your kid’s favorite colors)
Paint tray or disposable plate
Glitter (Optional, but you know we love a good glitter sparkle at Bubbles!)
Paper or canvas (or other fun surface for your masterpiece!)

Optional if you’re up for some mess: 
Koosh balls


On one end of the cardboard tube, make cuts halfway down the tube in 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch width.
If you have multiple tubes, vary the width of the strips in each.
Fan the strips out to form a firework shape.
Set up your paint colors of choice on a paint tray (or paper plate!)
Dip the “firework” end of the paper tube in the paint, and then on the paper or canvas. Experiment with different techniques: Splat it, shake it, gently place it and see how the fireworks change!
Top off your firework masterpiece with some sparkly glitter!

fourth-of-july-craftOk with getting a bit messier?!

Grab some good ol’ Koosh balls, a fresh tray of paint and SPLAT those Koosh balls onto some paper or canvas for a firework effect.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and sparkly Fourth!

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