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Building Your At Home Adventure Box!

Bubbles Academy Imagination Adventures provide concrete and creative activities to guide your kids on an interactive journey through different settings; some wild and fantastical, some inspired by the world around us and some training adventures to get us ready to play all kinds of silly characters!

So, it’s almost time to set off on an Imagination Adventure with Miss Brittny & Mr. Elliott…but what about supplies?!

Never fear, this guide will help you compile all the silly bits and pieces you may need along the way while inspiring some fun object transformation with your kids.

Your First Adventure: Finding Supplies Around the House!

This scavenger hunt is a journey in itself and will help build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming classes.  Because we’ll go on a variety of adventures- Enchanted Forests, Construction Sites, Outer Space to name a few, we’ll need a variety of supplies and our growing imaginations will of course help transform the supplies into whatever we may need each week.  Watch Miss Brittny’s video below, and scroll down for the handy list!

You’ll Need:

  • Costumes or fun fabric
  • Towel or a scarf
  • Something round that can be used as a steering wheel
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Something wiggly like streamers
  • Binoculars (you can make your own out of TP tubes, tape, an string!)
  • Laundry basket, bin or large cardboard box (all the supplies can live in there when we’re NOT adventuring together)
  • Any other supplies you want: A Backpack to carry your treasures? A Bowl for potion mixing? A Water bottle for staying hydrated?

Added Bonus Projects: Decorate your adventure box & its contents, create your own costumes, make masks so you can play different characters!

As we fill these boxes with adventure supplies, we’re also strengthening our imagination muscles both by stretching our understanding of the concrete world AND fostering more flexibility in our thinking:  “But that spoon is just a spoon!”  “Oh wait, this spoon is a microphone…and a sword…and a magic wand..and..and…” We can’t wait to set off into the great wide somewhere with you every Monday & Wednesday at 4pm and see what kinds of magic we can create together.  Can’t wait and want to set off on your own adventure NOW?  Check out Miss Brittny’s tips for open-ended adventures!


Brittny Congleton

Brittny, a silly Southern native of Midway, Kentucky, is celebrating eight years as a teaching artist with Bubbles Academy!  Combining her musical theatre, improvisation and children’s performance experience with her years of after-school enrichment programming, Bubbles has been the most magical place to grow Brittny’s love of teaching and inspiring young artists.

As Program Director, Brittny develops curriculum, facilitates training and leads the Movement, Art+Music & Preparing for Preschool Teams here at Bubbles.  She can be found most often, ukulele and boomwhacker in hand, as the Lead Teacher for the Older Two’s Preschool Program, as well as the Preparing for Preschool Program.  When she’s not making kid-magic in the classroom, you can also catch miss Brittny weaving musically improvised fairytales with Storytown Improv!

With a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre & Gender Studies, Brittny also received her Early Childhood Lead Teacher qualification from Truman College. As an early childhood educator, especially through our unique approach to arts-integrated programming, she cherishes every opportunity to foster creativity, bolster resilience, and boost a child’s sense of self. Brittny strives to live out this always-applicable Shel Silverstein phrase, “Put something silly in the world!”