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Behind our Return to Sessions: Building Consistency and Community

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to witness the growth of your child and get to know and love you and your family in the process!

After careful consideration, we have decided to change the structure of our monthly membership packages and return to a session-based model. With our monthly membership, we provided a seamless transition between class levels that would help children progress through our programs at their own pace and allow parents the flexibility to change their schedule with ease, however it has made classroom consistency more challenging. Since we place children’s development as our highest priority, we need to make sure our registration system sets everyone up for the confidence building consistency and community that we know provides the most benefit for both children, families and teaching artists.

Moving forward, our return to a session-based model offers these benefits: We are going to maintain the ease of use and access to make-up classes, however, we have determined that children and caregivers will gain the most from our class curriculum, designed to support your child’s brain development at each stage, by attending the same class, with the same teacher and cohort of friends on a consistent basis. Many of you already experience our classes in this way, we are simply making an organizational shift to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their class experience. All existing class packs and rolled-over membership classes will be honored.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality classes, rooted in brain-based research and best practices in child development and the arts. You can turn to Bubbles Academy for resources and support during the critical first five years of your child’s life as well as a community of parents, caregivers, teaching artists and experts that may become life-long friends.

We are excited to let the “Why” behind our work inform all aspects of our classes and operations. Join us for our Winter 1 session of classes running from January 8th – February 24th. Click here to register
We also invite you to join us for these upcoming parent workshops (free for enrolled families) and invite you to use us as a resource for any questions you may have as your child develops!

Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to see you soon!


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Natalie Monterastelli

Natalie Monterastelli

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