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Backstage Bubble Blog


Our Backstage Bubble Blog is your guide to performances by Bubbles Academy team members (outside of the Bubble!) Check out these upcoming performances by your favorite teachers and staff:

** Indicates an only-for-grown-ups-production! (Book an Urbansitter and have a date!)

Miss Kirsten

Come see me in Chicago Tap Theatre’s production of “Tight Wire“** March 20 – 22 and 27 – 29th at Stage 773.

Watch as I transform into “Rosemarie,” a tightrope walker who performs with Carlucci’s Marvelous Exotic Extraordinary Big Top Universe of Renowns!  Amid the colorful acts that populate this circus, audiences will follow a taciturn ringmaster, eyes always on the bottom line, sisters who have spent their life walking a thin line and a vagabond clown with a mysterious past.  Find out what life is really like under the big top!

Come check me out in:

Mister Shea

Come see me in the Chicago production of First Date: The Musical** at The Royal George Theatre! Extended thru April 26th. TICKETS & MORE INFO>>

We also recommend these shows that are great for the entire family!

Do you have a show that you recommend? Leave a comment below!

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