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BrookeLynne Dukes

Education Director

[email protected]

BrookeLynne started her career in early childhood classrooms, spending eight years teaching and introducing innovative content in Social Emotional Learning and Reggio Emilia Education. Following the birth of her son, she pursued a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Erikson Institute, graduating in 2021. Fueled by her commitment to empowering parents and educators, she founded BLD Coaching, offering 1:1 sessions, courses, and workshops. BrookeLynne strives to guide adults in deeply understanding the children they interact with. She is most passionate about creating space for social-emotional learning, out-of-the-box learners, and true play in schools. As the Education Director, BrookeLynne is passionate about building relationships with teachers, parents, and children to support the best environment, at home and in school, for children to grow and love their learning!