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Mom & Tot Class: The Language Benefit for Infants and Young Toddlers

By: Gretchen Olson, Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Language is essentially all about sharing; sharing ideas, thoughts, needs, etc. This sharing begins in infancy when a parent is the primary communication partner. Infants first share eye contact, but as a child grows, they will soon seek to share items of interest with their caregivers and communication partners. This is demonstrated through switching eye gaze, gestures, babbling and eventually vocal imitation.

5 Ways a Mom and Tot Class Will Benefit Your Child’s Language:

  • Mom and Tot classes provide an opportunity to share a new experience. It can be seen as a conversation piece for parents and their littlest ones to share.
  • New toys, ideas, people, and activities are introduced for young children to explore, and to share that experience with their parents.
  • Songs and rhymes are often incorporated into these types of classes, providing an opportunity for children to imitate rhythm and pitch even before they’re able to imitate individual speech sounds.
  • Since speech and language are learned largely through imitation, practice with imitating gross-motor (gestures or claps to go with songs) is also an important step to developing language.
  • Exposure, repetition, and imitation are keys to early language development.

Take advantage of opportunities to foster these keys in your daily routine, and create new opportunities by participating in a class experience. Learn more on language development in children.

Bubble Music: BabiesBubble Music: Crawlers and Bubble Music: Walkers are fun launching pads for speech.

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