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Fairy Tales for Kids: Activity Ideas

Our Fairy Tales for Kids week 2013 of Summer Camp (held at Catherine Cook School) was truly page turning!

Each day within the Fairy Tales for Kids week focused on a different story: The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood!

Our campers bonded by recreating the magic of these classic tales through games, art and cooking.

Favorite Game: Goldilocks, Behave!

We talked about how “naughty” Goldilocks is when visiting at the Bear family home. A fun game ensued, and our campers had a hoot pretending to cause mischief like Goldilocks!

  • One person plays the Mama Bear, and the rest of the kids pretend to be Goldilocks.
  • While Mama Bear is looking, Goldilocks remains smiling and frozen, but when Mama turns her back, Goldilocks causes mischief — i.e. makes silly faces and creates pretend messes!
  • If Mama turns around and catches a player misbehaving, then he/she says, “Goldilocks, Behave!” The player must then report to “Time Out”.


Favorite Art Project: Little Red and the Wolf in the Woods

This was a simple project, but resulted in storybook masterpieces!

  • We mixed purple and gold glitter paint with glue to make a brownish gold glue paint.
  • We glued multiple strips of brown paper to a grey construction paper background to create an enchanted forest scene.
  • The glitter glue dries somewhat transparent, thus our campers added multiple layers of it to enhance the mood of their pictures.
  • The final touches included silhouettes of a red hood and a black wolf!

Favorite Recipe: Goldilock’s Porridge

Parfaits posing as porridge made for the most delicious hands-on recipe and camp day treat — one Goldilocks would surely gobble up!

  • Using kid friendly choppers, we prepared a pile of chopped strawberries.
  • We then alternated layers of strawberries, granola and Greek yogurt within our cups. A drizzle of honey was the final touch!

By the end of our Fairy Tales for Kids camp week, we had created the backdrop of a tale through art, whipped up a tasty prop via our cooking skills, and even played the lead character through a role-play game.

Try these activities at home for greater story comprehension, enjoyment and a bit of fun creative licensing on classic fairy tales for kids! Share and discuss activities and ideas with Becca! @BubblesAcademy 


Becca Drew Emmerich 

Becca Drew Emmerich is the Artistic & Curriculum Director of Bubbles Academy. With a dynamic background in youth theatre, Becca leads the development and teaching of our curriculum.