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Easter fun at home: Activities to bring in Spring!

The season of bunnies, flowers, and egg hunts is upon us! While we may have to celebrate in a different way than previous years, there are still plenty of ways we can still have fun with springtime activities at home!

The Classic- Egg Dyeing!

Pick up some extra eggs and food coloring on your weekly grocery trip. Check out this article for instructions if this is a new activity for your family. Dyeing eggs is more than just a fun activity, it also functions as both a sensory experience and as a teaching tool as kiddos learn more about their world by seeing how the eggs take the dye and watching how the colors mix.

Looking for a new way to color eggs? Check out this article for artistic ways to build on the classic! Shaving cream, fizzy dye, rice colored, and confetti eggs!

Egg Hunt at Home 

Take turns hiding eggs around your home. If you have outdoor or balcony space, use that too! Each person in your family can have a chance to hide some eggs, and they can give clues to the rest of the family to indicate if they are “hot” or “cold” in their search.

Make your at home egg hunt even more engaging by coordinating with family friends to do an egg hunt at their home on the same day, and let the kiddos video call each other so it’s still a social activity, just from everyone’s own home!

Chalk the Walks 

Break out the chalk to draw some springtime fun on your sidewalks. You could draw empty egg shapes and let the kiddos color them in, and maybe even leave a couple extra pieces of chalk out for your neighbors to add to the designs when they are out on a walk.

Make an Event of it! 

Maybe you don’t have bunny costumes at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up for the occasion! Make an event of it and put on some frilly pastels to get in the springtime spirit. Decorate your home with hand drawn easter eggs, bunny footprints, and whatever other fun items you can repurpose as decorations.

And for a cherry on top of your special fun day…

Join the Bubbles Virtual Egg Hunt Adventure!

On Saturday, April 11th 2020, Bubbles is hosting our annual Egg Hunt virtually! Kiddos will have the chance to “hunt” for eggs throughout a 30 minute multi-teacher class. Featuring music by Miss Brittny, Miss Amelia, and art by Mr. Elliott, your kiddos are sure to have a fun time with their favorite teachers as the eggs are revealed through Zoom. The event will conclude with an Instagram photo contest where you’ll have the chance to submit your egg tally!

Tickets start at $10 and can be purchased here.

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